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Study day: Researching Jewish Genealogy in Galicia

The National Library of Israel, The Research Project on Galician & Bukovinian Jewry, the Herzl Institute of Haifa University and Jewish Galicia & Bukovina Association

The conference will take place on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 at the National Library of Israel, between 14:00-19:00.

Pre-conference: Beginning at 13:30, Zack Oryan-Oracz, journalist and genealogist, will be giving individualized instruction on Galician Jewry research. If interested, please send details to The service will also be available during the afternoon break.


Rzeszow Map**The study day will be held in Hebrew**

Arrival and Registration

14:20 Opening remarks: Dr. Nathan Shifriss, Research Project on Galician & Bukovinian Jewry, Herzl Institute, Haifa University

Remembering Pamela: Ami Elyasaf, International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center 

First Session

Chair: Prof. Shaul Stampfer, Hebrew University


14:40​Dr. Miriam Grobman, Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
Sources for Galician Jewry research at the Central Archives: Genealogical research without life-cycle documentation​



Irit Shem Tov, Professional genealogy researcher, will present Dr. Eli Brauner's lecture
Milestones in researching daily life of Jewish Galician families: Lvov as a case study
15:50​Dr. Ilya Luria, Jewish Galicia & Bukovina Association
Digital preservation of Galician Jewry's cultural heritage: The website of the Jewish Galicia & Bukovina Association
16:30 – Afternoon break: Continued individualized instruction on Galician Jewry research.


Second Session

Chair: Dr. Chen Bram, Truman Institute, Hebrew University

17:00​Rabbi Meir Wunder, formerly a librarian at the National Library
Behind the Scenes of the Meorei Galicia encyclopedia
17:40​Dr. Gila Flam, Head of the Music Department at the National Library
"Dos Rudl" (The wheel): Local songs and the works of Galician troubadours Gvirtig and Sternheim
18:15​Dr. Yael Weiler, Jerusalem
Genealogy data-mining from papers and research of the Zionist movement, in Galicia and Eretz Israel​
19:00 – Closing remarks


 Registration (Hebrew Interface)


The confrence is dedicated in memory of Pamela Weisberger, founder of the genealogical database, 'Gesher Galicia'