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Humanities Collection

The Humanities Collection, one of the cornerstones of the Library, boasts an established and important corpus of primary sources and essential secondary literature in the humanities.
The collection's main areas of specialization are history, the classics, philosophy, the history of Christianity and the history of the book, as well as the Edelstein Collection – a unique collection of the history of science, medicine and technology.
The collection also serves as a depository library for publications issued by the United Nations and the European Union, collating all materials and reports issued by these bodies.

Themes of the collection

The collection complements the Jewish Studies, Islam and Middle East, and Israel collections, providing background literature on the surrounding cultures, as well as ancillary research tools. The collection consists primarily of titles in English, German and French, alongside selected works in Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Greek, Russian and other languages.
The collection also serves the general scholarly needs of the public, including in disciplines and fields of knowledge that are not among its specialties, such as literature, art and the social sciences.
Newton's Secrets
Newton's Secrets
This exhibition sheds new light on Isaac Newton, the greatest physicist of all times.
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