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Map and Directions

 The National Library

The National Library of Israel
Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram
POB 39105 Jerusalem, Israel


Phone: 074-733-6336
Fax:     074-733-6122


Public Transportation:
Bus lines: 7, 7H, 9, 14, 35, 35H, 42, 66, 66H, 68.


Parking is available in the parking lot near the main entrance, to the right of campus security.


GPS Navigation:
Enter "Derech Balfur" or "Balfur South" (Not "Balfur Street").


The main entrance of the campus is fully wheelchair accessible.
Those arriving from the lower library parking lot should enter the library via the lower level entrance (push the doorbell button).


In the campus:
When entering from the main entrance of the campus, the Library is located at the other end of the lawn (see map below). 


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