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Reading Rooms

1. The reading room will have two service desks

Service desk: The new and unified service desk is intended for picking up and returning books. You may also report problems with the reading room here.

From now on, service at this desk is intended for readers of all the readings rooms listed above.
Reference desk: This desk is intended for reference questions and questions regarding the reading room’s collections.
There will be two stands at this desk, one offering reference service for Judaica and Israel, the other for Islam and Middle East.

2. Copy Center

Copy services have been moved to the new Copy Center, located near the reading rooms. Additional copy machines can be found near the reference and loan desk at the entrance level, in the General Reading Room, and on the lower level.
The Copy Center has two self-service digital microfilm readers.

3. Group study rooms

The study rooms – Lulav, Hadas, and Arava – are now open to the public!
Click here for the study rooms terms of use.
The rooms are intended for groups of up to five. Each room has an LCD monitor that can be hooked up to a laptop computer.
Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may reserve a room by signing up on the board outside the room.

4. Periodicals display and new titles display

About 700 periodicals will be displayed in the reading rooms, with relevant topics being displayed by each collection:
About 300 periodicals in the general humanities
About 280 periodicals in Judaica and Israel studies
About 120 periodicals in Islam and Middle Eastern studies
We are happy to report that this display is substantially larger than the previous one in the Press Reading Room, and includes new periodicals as well as periodicals that were previously held in the storage rooms.
In addition, a display of new titles in each of the core collections can now be found in the reading rooms.

5. Passage opening between the reading rooms

From now on readers can move between the reading rooms to the General Reading Room, and may sit at any reading room they choose.
Please be sure to return books to the reading room they originally came from.
There is a new passage between the shelves that shortens the path from the General Reading Room to the Copy Center.

6. Future plans

In the next few weeks, scanning services will be added to the copy machines.
We are looking into replacing the chairs.
With the newly available shelf space, librarians and curators will be updating the collections in the reading rooms.
The ceiling tiles are scheduled to be replaced this year. Notice about these renovations will be given ahead of time.
We are always at your service and appreciate your patience.