The copy center provides the readers with a range of services: photocopying and scanning with state-of-the-art equipment (black and white or color), a place to view VCR or DVD movies ordered from the storeroom, lamination and bookbinding, and also sells various products.  

The photocopying and scanning are self-service. You can ask for assistance and guidance from a copy center worker throughout the opening hours.

Opening Hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 7:45 pm.


There are other photocopiers and scanners scattered throughout the building

- General humanities reading room (first floor)

- Special collections reading room (floor -1)

There are photocopiers scattered throughout the building. You can photocopy:
- Black & white or color
- Page sizes: A3, A4, B4


Scanning is possible in  the scanners scattered throughout the building. You can scan:
- Black & white or color
- Page size: Up to A3

Digital Readers for Scanning Microfilm or Microfiche
In the photocopy center there are two advanced digital machines which can scan microfilm and microfiche pages and film.

The scanning is self-service. Guidance from a copy center worker is available when necessary throughout the opening hours.
The scan can only be saved on a USB flash drive, which can also be purchased in the copy room.


Viewing Station
In the copy center is a station for viewing VCR and DVD movies ordered from the storeroom.

Viewing must be coordinated with a copy center worker.

Overhead Scanner
A state-of-the-art overhead scanner can be found in the copy center, to be used for special scans which cannot be done by standard photocopiers.

Guidance is available from a copy center worker if required.

Mobile Print allows you to send documents for printing to all the printers and copy machines in the National Library of Israel. Documents can be sent from:


1) Any operating system (Windows, MAC OS, UNIX/LINUX, IOS, Android)

2) From any platform (PC, MAC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

3) From any location (on library premises or anywhere out of the library via the internet)


You can print any of the common formats: Office documents, PDF, graphic files like png, jpeg, tif, and others.


Note: Do not send password-locked documents. Documents that require a password will not be processed.


Printing instructions

1) Open a new email message.

2) In the subject line put down a 9 digit identification number (your I.D. number for example).

3) Make sure to attach the files.

4) Send the email to the relevant address, specified by your need (see table below).

5) At the printing station, input the identification number you wrote in the subject line of the message.


The emails for sending the prints

Address       Page Size  Type of Print A4Black and white - one sided and white - double sided and white - one sided - one sided - One sided


Note: A print sent in A3 page size is possible only at a printing station that supports A3 size pages.


Example for sending a file for printing



The system will send a confirmation reply to the sender after the files have been printed.

If the email hasn't been sent as per the example above, an error message will be returned to the sender.   



The service entails a fee according to the Self-Service Photocopy and Scan Price List


Manner of Payment
Credit card: You can pay by credit card for photocopying and scanning in all the machines.

Cash: You can pay with coins in a special machine in the photocopy center.

In addition, you can pay for all the services by cash at the service counter in the copy center.

Photocopy cards
• Photocopy cards (which can be recharged) can be purchased in the copy center.