1949 – WIZO

 1949- WIZO in the Elections

​The first elections in the history of the State of Israel, namely the elections for the Constituent Assembly in 1949, featured a women's party: WIZO.

The Women's International Zionist Organization was founded in Britain in 1920 in the emergent Zionist context. It defined itself as a political movement that aimed to promote the involvement of women in politics, a phenomenon that had begun to register in Europe and the United States. WIZO was a member of the World Zionist Organization and participated in its elections in the pre-state period. WIZO's Israel federation was established in 1927, and when the state was established WIZO moved its world offices from London to Tel Aviv. This was the background to WIZO's decision to run in the first national elections in the new Jewish state, despite being a non-partisan organization.


Like other sectorial parties, the women's list was not particularly successful and only received enough votes to earn it a single seat in the first Knesset. The women of WIZO however, had sounded the call for equal rights. Still, their election posters featured women in traditional roles:  shopping, caring for children, doing housework, or at best in supportive security or police work.