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A New Exhibition Opening – Uprooted: The German-Jewish Scholars of the Hebrew University


A new exhibition marking the completion of the
cataloging of the Hebrew University's historical archive

The opening event will be held on:

Tuesday, the 12th of Kislev, November 20th, 19:00


You can sign up for the opening event below:




 The exhibition will be on display from Nov. 20th, 2018 to February 20th, 2019

Entry is free of charge. 


This new exhibition tells the story of German-Jewish intellectuals, uprooted from their home, who managed to flourish again as the founders and shapers of Israeli academia.

This is a joint exhibition organized by the Hebrew University and the National Library. It focuses on seven scholars who began their professional lives in Germany, and traces the dramatic circumstances which led them to the Hebrew University in its early years.

The exhibition shows how these intellectuals were fired from their jobs or uprooted from their homes during the period of the Nazi rise to power, and how they eventually integrated themselves, often with major difficulties, into the developing academic institution in Jerusalem.

Using materials from the National Library collections and the Hebrew University archive, the exhibition displays documents, letters and personal files belonging to the seven scholars, whose impact on the academic world is still felt today.


The exhibition also features a "students' desk", displaying actual student applications from young men and women from Central and Eastern Europe who hoped to be accepted to the Hebrew University, and thus rescue themselves from the inferno on the continent. Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to examine the applications, and just like the admissions committees of the time, experience the dilemmas and conflicts that were faced by the university.


The event will feature short speeches from

Dr. Susanne Wasum-Rainer, German Ambassador to Israel

Prof. Barak Medina, Rector, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

David Blumberg, Chairman of the National Library board of directors

Prof. Yfaat Weiss, project director, the Simon Dubnow Institute & the Hebrew University

Adi Livni, project coordinator, the Hebrew University


A guided tour of the exhibition will be led by the curators Ada Vardi and Adi Livni