Election Chronicles > Election Treasures > תצלומים בחירות 1996

 1996 Elections - Photographs

  • 1. Likud-Tzomet election poster in Kiryat Ono – "Peres will divide Jerusalem"
  • 2. Prime Minister Shimon Peres shaking the hands of his supporters at an election rally in Akko
  • 3. Election propaganda against background of David's Citadel, Jerusalem
  • 4. A car in Jerusalem covered with stickers supporting Prime Minister Shimon Peres
  • 5. Vandalised Ariel Sharon and Likud posters
  • 6. An employee at the central ballot box manufacturer in Holon
  • 7. Likud supporters hanging election posters in Jerusalem
  • 8. Likud supporters putting up election posters in Jerusalem
  • 9. President Ezer Weizman, accompanied by his wife Reuma, casts his vote at Beit Hinuch high school, Jerusalem
  • 10. A soldier votes at his base
  • 11. Enthusiastic Likud supporters waiting to hear the election results
  • 12. A boy holds up a Benjamin Netanyahu ballot
  • 13. From right to left: Benjamin Netanyahu, David Levi and Yitzhak Mordechai waving to their supporters at the Likud HQ
  • 14. Soldiers offloading ballot boxes containing the votes of soldiers serving in Lebanon


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