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 1973 Elections – Photographs

  • 1. Wounded soldiers vote for the eighth Knesset, Tel Hashomer hospital
  • 2. Early bird voters in Jerusalem
  • 3. A near-sighted voter casts her ballot, Jerusalem
  • 4. A little girl helps her mother vote, Jerusalem
  • 5. Voters wait their turn at a polling station, Jerusalem
  • 6. Prime Minister Golda Meir casts her vote for the eighth Knesset
  • 7. Likud leader Menachem Begin examines his ballot envelope, Tel Aviv
  • 8. Soldiers wait their turn to vote for the eighth Knesset at a polling tent west of the Suez Canal.
  • 9. Major General Ariel Sharon votes at a polling tent west of the Suez Canal
  • 10. Officials empty a ballot box in preparation for counting of the votes, Tel Aviv


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