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 1969 Elections – Press

  • 1. On the apathy of Arab voters to election propaganda
  • 2. Herut-Liberal election notice condemning the Ma'arach's intention to forfeit parts of Judah and Samaria
  • 3. Mafdal's condition for joining the coalition: no television on Shabat
  • 4. Interview with Golda about the possibility of a national unity government
  • 5. Pre-election article by Menachem Begin, mainly about the right to the great land of Israel
  • 6. On voters torn between Mafdal and Agudat Yisrael
  • 7. עתיד השטחים הכבושים
  • 8. Socialism, from Mapam to Maki
  • 9. About Uri Avneri's party and another small left-wing party
  • 10. The supporters of Rafi follow the Ma'arach – Dayan's candidacy
  • 11. Extensive interview with Shmuel Tamir, leader of the Independent Liberal Party
  • 12. Intellectuals express support for Maki
  • 13. Golda Meir answers citizens' questions before the elections
  • 14. Election results
  • 15. Moshe Dayan on the defense budget and why to vote Ma'arach
  • 16. Interview with women candidates for the next Knesset
  • 17. פנחס ספיר הודף את הביקורת של גח"ל על מדיניותו הכלכלית של המערך
  • 18. Emil Habibi accuses the police of harrassing members of the communist party Rakah
  • 19. Golda Meir on Israel withdrawing from the territories
  • 20. Election results – the day after


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