1955 Elections – Photographs

  • 1. Mapam election propaganda on a Tel Aviv rooftop
  • 2. Tel Aviv wall covered in election propaganda
  • 3. "Who will I vote for"? Studying election campaign posters on a Tel Aviv wall
  • 4. Mapai Knesset election propaganda at new housing suburb with a photograph of Ben Gurion
  • 5. Golda Meir addresses a mass rally on the Tel Aviv beachfront
  • 6. Labor Unity couriers – Even elections can wait for ice-cream
  • 7. David Ben Gurion votes at Sde Boker, his home in the Negev
  • 8. President Yitzhak Ben Zvi voting in Jerusalem
  • 9. Prime Minister Moshe Sharett votes in elections for the Knesset and the local councils
  • 10. Arab woman voting in Jaffa
  • 11. The polling station at Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim
  • 12. Arabs from the village of Abu Ghosh cast their votes for the Knesset and local council
  • 13. Immigrants from Cochin at the Mesillat Zion polling station near Jerusalem


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