Wolff Haggadah, 14th century

 Wolff Haggadah, from the 14th century

Wolff Haggadah, illustrated and hand-written, from the 14th century. In 1938 it was confiscated by the Nazis from the Jewish community in Berlin. The Haggadah was transferred to Warsaw and disappeared in 1948. It reappeared in 1989, in Geneva. It was only after a long and difficult court battle that lasted four year that the Haggadah was returned to Poland and eventually donated by the Prime Minister of Poland, Cimoszewicz, to Prof. Israel Shatzman, Director of the National and University Library, in a formal ceremony with Speaker of the Knesset, Dan Tichon. The Wolff Haggadah is one of the most ancient in existence, is written on parchment, and was most likely written in Avignon, but in the tradition accepted in northern France. The owner and copier of the Haggadah was Yaakov ben Shlomo Tzarfati, whose own writings we have preserved to this day.


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