Available between 1945-1946

​"Journal of the Haifa Chamber of Commerce"
​A monthly publication focused on commercial and economic issues related to Palestine. Alongside a review of the history of the chamber of commerce established in Haifa (written by Rashid al-Haj Ibrahim, a prominent political and military figure in Haifa and the country), and a review of the state of agriculture in the country, an article (written by Jad Sawidan, the former chairperson of the chamber of commerce) warns of the large gap between imports versus exports in the country. It also emphasizes the new reality in the aftermath of World War I and the opportunities that should exploited in order to strengthen economic and commercial ties with the Arab countries. Many articles in the journal encouraged and supported the establishment of industrial factories in order to reduce the share of imports and thereby increase economic growth.

Much criticism was written against the monopoly of Great Britain in regard to the local economy and the distribution of imports versus exports. Also many articles were published containing local and global economic data relevant to the economic situation in the country.