Available between  1937-1949

​​​This weekly was published by the General Federation of Labor in Eretz Israel (on the masthead it appeared as “General Federation of Jewish Labor in Palestine”) between the years 1937-1960.

The newspaper stressed two main issues: the vital need to develop the country through modern technology and workers welfare, which was also the outcome of their professional unionizing, raising the level of education, and adoption of modernization. The newspaper covered political issues, mainly from across the Jewish world and especially surveyed the unstable security situation in the country. At first glance, it would appear that the newspaper addressed the Jewish public, and used the third person to refer to the Arab residents. However, a closer look shows that it addressed both publics equally, the Jewish Arab-speaking public and the Arab public, in order to influence their political consciousness in all matters related to the Zionist enterprise in the country. The newspaper reserved a place for learning the Hebrew language, with the aim to help those who wanted to learn Hebrew and also those interested in learning Arabic.