Available between the years 1927–1930

A daily newspaper with a clear political nationalist orientation, first published on 20 January 1927.  The daily was founded by Munif al-Husseini, a pioneer of the Arabic national and cultural movement and adhered to a clear nationalist viewpoint. He was also among the close associates of the Majlisiyyin (the party of the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini).
In the first issue the editor wrote that the daily would not put its support behind any party or leader, only the homeland. In addition, the daily pledged to its readers that it would not take part in any internal fighting but would be transparent in its criticism.
Based on the nationalist vision of its editors, the daily covered the local news and reported on news in broader the Arab world, with a section devoted to each country.
The daily was opposed to Zionism and monitored the Hebrew press. It apparently ceased publication following the Arab revolt in 1936.