Available between 1927 -1931

​​​​​A Christian periodical first published in 1914. Publication was suspended following the outbreak of the First World War, but resumed in 1927. In the editorial in the first issue of the magazine’s second year, the editors stated their belief that the war would not continue for longer than three months. However, the war went on for many years during which the Syrian Orthodox community lost around eighty thousand of its members. The magazine suffered its own losses: Salim Sami and Michel Haqqi, two of Al-Hikma’s most important editors, were killed during the War. 

Resumption of the magazine’s publication took many years. This can be attributed to the various difficulties experienced by the Syrian Orthodox community during and after the war. One of the outcomes of the official visit of St. Ignatius Elias III to Jerusalem, who came to see firsthand the situation of the community, was the renewal of this important periodical and indeed, in 1927, Al-Hikma once again appeared on newsstands.  

The periodical focused on issues of religion from the perspectives of science and culture and also published articles by well-known Syrian Orthodox philosophers Yaihya b. 'Adi and Efram the Syrian. 

According to the researcher Yaakov Yehoshua, the periodical ceased publication in 1933, being replaced by Akhbar Al-Batrikiyya Al-Siryaniyya (News of the Syrian Patriarchate).