Available between 1920-1941

​El-Carmel was founded in 1908 as a weekly newspaper by Najib Nassar. The newspaper focused on political and social issues, particularly those dealing with land sales to agents from the Zionist movement, and with improving conditions of villagers and peasants. Nassar also dedicated a weekly supplement to women's issues. At the beginning of his activities, he supported the Ottoman authorities, but later he denounced and opposed their suppressive actions toward Arab nationalists.

El-Carmel newspaper was closed due to its dispute with the Ottoman authorities in the years 1913/1914. The newspaper resumed its activities during the British mandate between 1920-1940. In 1934, Nassar changed the name of the newspaper to become "The New El-Carmel," and advocated resistance to Zionism and to the British Mandate. However, it seems that the financial obstacles ultimately led to the newspaper's closure in 1942.