Available Between 1946-1948

​​This was a current events newspaper, which appeared from 11 November 1946. According to the newspaper, the owner (and publisher) was the Local Press Society Ltd.–Jaffa. The research literature proposes two alternatives for the newspaper’s ownership. According to one group, the owner was Kan'an Abu Khadra, who appeared as the newspaper’s editor in chief. Researchers in the other camp claim that the owner was Edmond Rock, whose name appears as CEO. The paper was opposed to both Mandatory rule and the Zionist project. The first page was devoted to review of national and international news, mainly impacting on the Palestinian-Zionist struggle. The two inside pages were devoted to coverage of local news including culture and literature. The back page featured translated articles from the European and American press. In addition, the newspaper made sure to cover the activities of the nationalist Zionist institutions.

The newspaper did not last long and closed in 1948 because of the situation in the country at the time.