Available Year: 1947-1950

​​This was a religious Christian monthly published in the cities of Acre, Haifa, Nazareth and other towns in the Galilee, founded in Nazareth in 1943 by the Archbishop George Hakim. 2

Until at least the fifties, the monthly focused on the activities of the Greek-Catholic church in the country, from the construction of local churches, cemeteries and social clubs in villages in addition to publication of official epistles of the heads of the Church, local news and a survey of liturgical activities. Al-Rabita was not published in 1948 and sometimes only one issue was published every three months (for example year 4, issue 5, October–December 1947).​

1. The publication appeared again in 1999 as Al-Rabita Al-Jadida, and the last issue came out in March 2013.

2. According to the researcher Yaakov Yehoshua, the monthly in effect expressed the personal worldview of the Archbishop and not the official perspective of the sect. He adds also that the Archbishop hoped to present himself as the speaker of all the Christians in Israel

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