Available Year: 1947

​​This was a government sponsored weekly on general culture, replacing Al-Muntada that stopped being published in the beginning of 1947. Like Al-Muntada, it was published in high quality color. Al-Qafila, published by the Government Printing Office in cooperation with the Palestine Broadcast Authority, first came out in April 1947 and stopped publication in November of that same year. Its aims, identical to Al-Muntada, focused on promoting modernization in Palestine by emphasizing the benefits of modern technology. The weekly featured both special and regularly appearing sections including a women’s section, a section reviewing general nation-wide and Arab activities (such as conferences), a special short story section, a sports section, and a section dedicated to the various radio stations: Radio Cairo, Radio “Dar,” and the Palestinian station “Huna al-Quds.”

In addition to translations of newspaper articles and longer essays originally published in English, the weekly also published articles by local Arab intellectuals and from other Arab countries, on a variety of topics not explicitly political in nature, such as literature and art.