Available between 1935-1937

​​The Arab Youth Congress published the newspaper from  5 December 1935 as a daily. The second issue came out on 16 December 1935, though the rest of the issues, at least through issue 49 came out every day. The newspaper was the clear voice of the Pan-Arab movement that strove for unity among the Arab countries and sought to raise the voice of Palestinian youth against both the Mandate and the Zionist project. Reviewing the daily newspapers gives a real sense of the desire to found a new leadership as an alternative to the dominant Palestinian one. In June 1936, the newspaper was shut down by the authorities.  In 1937, the rights were transferred to one of the paper’s editors, the lawyer Mustafa al-Rashid, with the purpose of renewing the daily newspaper’s publication. The first issue came out on 24 December 1937, but it is not clear whether any subsequent issues were ever published.