Available year: 1946

​​​This was a literary journal edited by Muhammad Darwish. The two main objectives of this journal, as noted in the first issue by Darwish himself, were: 1) the establishment of an enlightened Palestinian culture open to the global culture, based on “true cultural spirit” as the bolster for the growth of “true democratic nationalism”; 2) “National and cultural training” that grows out of local Palestinian characteristics as a tool in the service of Palestinian society. 

The journal succeeded in attracting well educated, first class writers, such as Hazem Nuseibeh who served as deputy director of the Palestine radio station, and then took up other important positions in the Jordanian government; senior Palestinian journalist in the Broadcasting Authority Raji Sahyun, who assumed a number of key posts in the Palestinian nationalist movement; poet and journalist Michel Haddad; historian and writer Zuhdi Jarallah, and others. While the journal reserved ample space for well known writers and poets, it frequently published young writers and poets just starting out. In addition it published reviews on culture in the Arab world. Publication of the journal stopped the year after the editorial board moved from Jerusalem to Jaffa, at the end of 1947.