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User Guide

This page is a guide for beginner-users of the NLI Jrayed website and will aid them in how to use the site. Even after careful reading of the guide, we still believe that the best way to understand how the site works is through trial and error.  

The website appears best in the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Explorer.

The use of other browsers or versions may result in problems with display.

Table of contents:

Conducting a search
The navigation ruler
General search
Search key
Advanced search
Search results
Save selected articles
Didn't find the newspaper you were searching for?
How to use the "Jrayed Index"​​​

Conducting a Search

The digital archive is partially searchable — you can conduct a word search for author names and within the article headlines of articles appearing in the website.

** Please note — a word search can be carried out only for headlines and not for the body of the article. **

Search results will appear in a list. When you click on the page icon that appears in the search results, the page where the search word(s) appear will open and the search results will be highlighted.

Conducting a Search

כיצד לחפש?

 Search Tips:

A search relies on accurate and precise typing of the original headline as it was printed in the source. For example:

In a search for the word الرئيس, you must type the precise word, including “ال”. You will not receive the results of the word “رئيس” (and vice-versa).
If you do not find the word you are searching for, try a different spelling. For example, instead of “انجليزية”, search for “انكليزية”, or instead of “ايطالية”, search for “ايتالية”.
* We encourage our users to send us examples of different spellings that come up during their use of the site (via “Contact Us”). This will help us in the future to prepare a database that will serve the other users of the site.   

The Navigation Ruler

The buttons can be used to navigate between the different possibilities within the newspaper interface:

Navigation Ruler

General Search

This enables a general search of all the newspapers on the site.

The search box looks like this:

Search box

Search Key:

Magnifying glass – start searchingMagnifying glass – start searching

Folder – contains previous searches that were saved. Previous searches can only be viewed on the same computer and browser. Folder – contains previous searches that were saved. Previous searches can only be viewed on the same computer and browser.

Disk – save your current search Disk – save your current search

Print – print search results Print – print search results

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows the user to control the search functions and the order in which the results are displayed.

In order to refine the search and prevent an “information flood” you can use the conditional keywords: and, or, not, near.  The keywords can be added by hand, or alternately, click on the arrow that appears at the end of the search box and the keyword will be added to the search box.   

Refine search: After typing the search word/s in the search box, you can refine your search by searching additional words

Refine Search

ALL of these words — all the words in the box will appear in the results
EXACT word or phrase — the exact word or phrase in the box will appear in the results exactly as written
ANY of these words — the results will include some of the words in the search box
EXCLUDE — the words written in the box will not be included in the results

Filter the search by newspaper:
Filter by title

Limit the search to one or to all the newspapers: this box allows you to choose in which newspaper you want the search to take place. It is possible to search in one newspaper or to search in all the newspapers.

In addition, it is possible to search only the front pages of newspapers (check the small box under the list of newspapers: Search front pages only).


Delimit the search by date range:

Limit date range

Delimit the search to a specific period: It is possible to delimit the search to a specific time period, but it is recommended to ensure that the newspaper you are searching was indeed published during that time period (searching in a time period when the newspapers were not published won’t yield results).

Delimit the search by choosing the date (exact or year) from which you want to start the search and the date (exact or year) until which you want to receive the search results.

To finish, press the Search button: Search button

Search Results

This page assembles the search results.

For example: in the following row you can see the number of results —12 — we received for a search of the word “يافا” in the newspaper Al-Difa' for the year 1946.

Search results

In the result you can see the complete page from which the article was taken and underneath it the newspaper details: Day, Month, and Year. A search of all newspapers will add the name of the newspaper to the results.

Functions in the search results:

Add to my collection — clicking on “my collection” allows you to temporarily save an article chosen from the list of articles. You can go back to “my collection” so long as you are connected to the same computer and browser by choosing “my collection” on the Navigation Ruler.

Method for sorting search results: users can sort their search results in one of the following ways: Relevance, Oldest First, Newest First

Sorting search results

Relevance: organizes the results according to an advanced algorithm that takes into account the number of times the expression appears in the title.

Oldest First: arranges the results from earliest to latest.

Newest First: arranges the results from latest to earliest.


The browsing page allows you to choose an edition of the newspaper by choosing the name of the edition, the day of the week, and the month. All the editions that came out during the first month of the last year that appears on the website will then appear on the page (default). In order to go through the years, mark the requested year on the 'years' bar that appears above and the month on the 'months' column that appears on the left side of the screen. Clicking on the page will lead to the Newspaper Display.  


On this page you can browse through the pages of a newspaper and choose a specific article to read.

You can zoom in on the desired page by clicking on the mouse, and in some of the newspapers it is possible to zoom in or out with the help of the Zoom in or out buttons located on the grey toolbar, at the top center of the page. 

Additional options on the toolbar:
Direct link to the displayed pageDirect link to the displayed page
Fix or cancel the toolbarFix or cancel the toolbar
Save fileSave file
Email the current page as a link containing basic bibliographic informationEmail the current page as a link containing basic bibliographic information
Share to social networksShare to social networks
View all the pages on one page and browse through themView all the pages on one page and browse through them
Zoom in/outZoom in/out
Previous/Next page in the newspaperPrevious/Next page in the newspaper
Previous/Next edition of the newspaperPrevious/Next edition of the newspaper

Save Selected Articles

There is an option to create a list of selected articles to which you can return in the future.  To do so, double click on the title of the desired article:

Save Selected Articles
A new window will open:
דף כותרת

Clicking on the star on the upper right will add the selected title, including the relevant bibliographic data, to “My Collection” which can be accessed on the top center grey tool bar.      

Didn't find the newspaper you were searching for?

In addition to the historic Arabic newspaper database, the National Library also holds many Arabic newspaper is print that were published since the end of the 19th century.

How can you read the newspapers?

1) Order for reading at the National Library
a. Log in (or register) to the Library website, locate the desired periodical in the catalog.
b. Enter the "Location" and click on "Order"

Information services are available at the reference desk in the Islamic and Middle Eastern studies reading room between 10:00-16:00 (Fridays until 13:00) or you can phone 074-733-6346

2) Email us Questions and requests for more materials can be done via email:

We are happy to receive recommendations for more titles to be put in the Jrayed database: Contact us

​How to use the "Jrayed Index"​

The Index page enables easy access to all the digital archive pages of Jrayed​

The Index includes the following pages: a page with all the periodical titles in the digital archive; a page for each title; a page for all the years of the title; a page for all the months of that title per year; a page for all the days of that title per month; and a page for each page of the title for a given day. 

On each page of the Index, you will find a set of images with two links: the link above the image and on the image leads you to the designated page in the digital archive; the link below the image leads you to the next level of the Index. (For example, on the page of "all titles", the bottom link leads you to the page of all the years of a particular title.)   If there are no links under the image, there are no further pages related to this title.