Available between 1934-1935

Al-Shabab ("The Youth") was a newspaper that supported articles written by young people. The owners and editors-in-chief of the newspaper were Emil Ghuri and Muhammad Tahsin Kamal, and “a group of freelancers devoted to the national cause” also participated in editing the newspaper.

The paper’s first issuer came out in Jerusalem on June 11, 1934. Printed on its first page were the following words:

“Not long ago we established the English-language newspaper al-Wahda al-Arabiyya, in order to promote the Arabic cause among the leading British and foreign political circles. In this challenging task we received the support of the good, faithful, and honorable elements of our nation. Now, we believe that the national interest calls for a newspaper in Arabic, which will serve the cause and promote it in our own society.”

Emil Ghuri hoped that the newspaper could become the voice of the “free” Arab youth of the national movement. It didn’t take long for the government to suspend the newspaper. The newspaper was suspended twice, first for two months and then for three months. ​