Available between 1920-1922

The first issue of the newspaper Beyt ul-Makdis (" Jerusalem") was published on December 26, 1919. The paper's initial slogan, "A public newspaper by the people and for the people" was later changed to: "A political and literary newspaper temporarily issued twice a week."
In its second year, the newspaper published an editorial in which it claimed that it was founded in 1908, since it replaced the Ottoman newspaper al-Insaf.

In its views and articles, the newspaper was hostile towards the Zionist settlement movement in Palestine. It did not bear the same hostility towards the Mandate government and its policies in Palestine, but it constantly demanded the repeal of the Balfour Declaration. In a short article in Mir'at al-Sharq newspaper, Omar al-Salih al-Barghouthi said of Beyt ul-Makdis, "it was accused of being French, but it served the Palestinian cause and was led by good, critical writers… And we are grateful to it."​