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קישקשתא הצבר הקוצני והמצחיק שכיכב בתכנית "מה פתאום?!"

זהו זה ולא אחרת! התכנית המיתולוגית שהצחיקה מים סוף עד ים כינרת.

רגע עם דודלי החיים השוקקים סביב המכולת השכונתית הם הבסיס לעלילה רצופה בנושאים חינוכיים


​About The Israeli Educational Televison Collection

The Israeli Educational Television collection at the National Library is the fruit of the cooperation between the Educational TV and the National Library which entails the preservation at the National Library of the whole stock of television programs produced by the Educational TV. This project is part of the National Library's mission to preserve the treasures of Israeli culture and to making them available and accessible to the public. At present, the collection already includes hundreds of episodes of programs which were produced and aired by the Educational TV. This is a well-chosen sample from a huge trove of recorded materials by the Educational TV which we will continue to present to you from time to time, until we complete the collection of the whole stock (comprising a total of some 14,000 program episodes!)​​​

You can access the programs in a variety of ways: you can use the links offered here below, leading to web pages we made for you presenting a variety of programs; you can perform a free-form search at the top of the page; and you can access "All the programs" and focus on results by year of production, subject or language.​​​​