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Webinar Registration

Webinar Registration

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Learning with primary sources is a great way to develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, creativity and imagination, and collaboration. The primary source sparks student interest and leads the students to investigate, ask questions, and connect to prior knowledge.

At the National Library of Israel, we have millions of primary sources such as maps, photographs, posters, newspaper articles and more. Thousands of these resources have been adapted for use in educational systems.  In the NLI education websites we have carefully selected the resources that best suit you - educators in the Jewish world. Our resources include topics such as the Jewish calendar, Jewish communities around the world, Israel, Jewish values and more.

We have developed a simple 4-step methodology guiding you in incorporating primary sources in your teaching to create meaningful learning experiences.

Join us for a FREE 30-minute webinar and you will:

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  • Be exposed to a large collection of authentic online primary sources relevant for Jewish studies and Ivrit lessons, such as posters, photographs, manuscripts, maps and more
  • Get to know about our large collection of lesson plans, worksheets and other teaching resources based on NLI primary sources
  • Learn how to use primary sources to make teaching and learning more enjoyable, meaningful and motivating.

  • Understand how teaching with primary sources can strengthen Jewish knowledge and identity
  • Find out how using primary sources promotes 21st century skills in a research based methodology.

Every participant will receive

  • a certificate
  • a poster pack
  • access to join an exclusive community of educators

Webinar details will be sent to your email address after you have completed the registration form.

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