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לוגו הספרייה הלאומית

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Education at the Na​tional Library of ​Israel


The National Library of Israel is experiencing a surge of renewal aimed at making it a central and active player in the cultural and intellectual life of all citizens of the State of Israel, of Diaspora Jewry, and of the general public worldwide.

The Library building and its internet site will serve as a magnet for pupils… in the formal and informal educational systems, who will be exposed to the full range of Israeli cultural works and Jewish and Israeli classics to reinforce their ties to their cultural roots… the treasures of the Library will be integrated into the curriculum, which will be enriched with original documents in subjects such as history, Bible, Talmud, literature, civics, and art.

(From: "The National Library of Israel: Master Plan for Renewal 2010–2016")


Educational Mission

The National Library of Israel (NLI) aims to facilitate and promote the creation of meaningful, challenging, and enjoyable learning experiences. With primary sources from the collections of the National Library, we aim to provide knowledge and to strengthen Jewish and Zionist identity and connections to Jewish culture and tradition, Israel, and the Jewish people around the world.

We believe that primary sources from the NLI are valuable in supporting current teaching approaches and beliefs using cutting-edge teaching methods and learning technology.

What do we do?

Primary Source Catalogue

The heart of our activity is our online catalogue of primary sources. These resources, which include posters, photographs, documents, maps, music, and other formats, have been specially chosen from our collections by educators for educators. The resources cover a vast variety of topics such as the Jewish calendar, Jewish history, Zionism, Israel, Jewish values, famous Jewish and Israel personalities, and many more. Each resource includes detailed information, discussion points, teaching suggestions, links, and even ideas for creative activities.


Teaching Resources 

In addition to the primary sources, the education team at NLI has compiled a collection of lesson plans, worksheets, and online activities. The teaching resources reflect our educational beliefs and put a strong emphasis on inquiry, research, thinking skills, creativity, and other 21st-century skills.  All of the resources use primary sources in order to create exciting and inspiring formal or informal teaching opportunities.



Our resources extend beyond printed materials, and our primary sources catalogue also includes music and video. In addition, we provide videos of teachers sharing their experiences of working with primary sources. In another series of NLI videos, Gil Hovav, a famous Israeli journalist and producer, presents remarkable items and stories from NLI's collections.


Professional Development

In order to assist teachers in using primary sources in effective and innovative ways, the education team at NLI runs professional development events such as lectures, seminars, and even academic courses inIsrael and elsewhere.

If you are interested in participating in an NLI professional development event or inviting NLI educators to an existing event, please contact us!​ 


International Projects

In the past few years NLI has initiated activities with various educational organisations around Europe. These activities have included, for example, research activities for students on visits to Israel, art exhibitions in the UK, educational packs for summer camps, enrichment activities in schools on topics of Jewish and Israeli history, and EdTech workshops.

If you are interested in discussing educational projects in your community, please contact us!


Hebrew Website 

Our English-language activities, resources, and website have all evolved from NLI's Hebrew-language activities. The NLI Hebrew-language education website includes thousands of resources, many of which are suitable for activities in English-speaking environments with just a little adaptation.

We welcome you to browse the Hebrew-language education site where you will no doubt find many relevant and interesting resources!

Visits to the National Library of Israel

While many items from our collections are online, there is nothing like seeing them with your own eyes. NLI organizes visits in English and in Hebrew for different age groups. Private visits, tailored to your own interests, can also be organised.

If you are interested in visiting the National Library of Israel, please contact us!​ ​

Please be in touch with any questions, requests, or suggestions!