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Letters, Documents, and Newspaper Clippings

From Moshe Wilensky's archive at the Music Department.
  • The Life of Moshe Wilensky, written (in Hebrew) in the composer's own handwriting (call no. MUS 069 I-3 [3])
  • Student ID card from the Warsaw Conservatory, 1929 (call no. MUS 069 I-4[4])
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from Moshe Wilensky to the post office manager (who was also in charge of “Radio Jerusalem”), in which he nominates himself for work at the radio, 1935 (call no. MUS 069 I-1[21])
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from author and poet Miriam Yalan Shteklis, asking Wilensky to compose the music to a song she wrote, 1947 (call no. MUS 069 E111)
  • Letter (in Hebrew) confirming Moshe Wilensky and Shoshana Damari's trip to the Cyprus detention camps, 1948 (call no. MUS 069 E35)
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee thanking Moshe Wilensky and Shoshana Damari for their touching performances at the Cyprus detention camps, 1948 (call no. MUS 069 E35)
  • Program (in Hebrew) from the show “Mezimrat Ha'Aretz VeHamizrach” to aid Yemenite refugees in Eden, with Shoshana Damari and Moshe Wilensky, 1948 (call no. MUS 069 G3[10])
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from Moshe Wilensky to his mother, written while in the U.S.A., 1953 (call no. MUS 069 I – 1 [6])
  • Protocol (in Hebrew) of a meeting of the “Judges Committee for Music to 'Mizmor Purim', with members the composers Menachem Avidom, Moshe Wilensky, Emannuel Amiran, and others, 1955 (call no. MUS 069 H4)
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from Tel-Aviv-Jaffa mayor Haim Levanon thanking Wilensky for his involvement in the “Adloyada” festival during Purim, 1955 (call no. MUS 069 E36)
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Golda Meir inviting Moshe Wilensky and Shoshana Damari to a performance in honor of a reception she is hosting, 1957 (call no. MUS 069 E27)
  • Limerick (in Hebrew) by Haim Hefer for Moshe Wilensky's birthday, 1982 (call no. MUS 069 E17)
  • Congratulatory postcard (in Hebrew) from Dalya and Eliyahu Hacohen on Wilensky's Israel Prize for Hebrew Folksong, 1983 (call no. MUS 069 E12)
  • Letter (in Hebrew) to Moshe Wilensky from sixth grade students in Kiryat Yam, 1983 (call no. MUS 069 K1[02])
  • Invitation (in Hebrew) to “Notable Tel Aviv Personality” ceremony, 1986 (call no. MUS 069 E116)
  • Certificate (in Hebrew) of award for lifetime achievement from “Akum” (Association of Composers, Writers, and Publishers of Israeli Music in Israel), 1986 (call no. MUS 069 K2[01])
  • Concert Program (in Hebrew) honoring Moshe Wilensky, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 1990 (call no. MUS 069 G3[21])
  • Letter (in Hebrew) from choreographer and composer Sara Levi-Tanai, 1990 (call no. MUS 069 E22)