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Like Two Branches – Tsippi Fleischer
Tsippi Fleischer, one of the most prominent composers of contemporary Israeli concert music, composed over 100 compositions. Her musical and literary inspirations are multi-cultural and her works constitute a bridge between East and West, the archaic and modern, the particular and the universal. In addition, Fleischer played a large role in the development of music education in Israel and in the study of Israeli song.

The Tsippi Fleischer site on the National Library's website, presents a selection of her work taken from audio and video recordings. Likewise, the site presents original manuscripts, interviews, articles and biographical highlights, all from her personal archive which she donated to the Music Department of the National Library.
​​​About Tisppi Fleischer
​Tisppi Fleischer was born in Haifa on the 20th of May, 1946. Already at the young age of four, she played and improvised on the piano by ear.



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Pictures, Letters and Documents from the The Fleischer Archive at the Music Department of the National Library



About the Archive ​​​About the Archive
The Tsippi Fleischer Archive is one of over 250 personal archives of Israeli and Jewish composers from all over the world.