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Ballet and Theater Music

​​Fleischer began her musical activity in theater already in the early 1970s as the musical director of the Beersheba Theater, which was founded at the time. During that period, she worked together with the stage director Hanan Snir, who was the theater’s house director. One of the plays produced during that period was "Shiv'a Bemaka Achat" (seven at one blow), directed by Tsippi Pines. Additionally, she was the musical director of the satirical documentary “Mi She-oleh Oleh" (he who rises rises) at the Yuval Theater; she wrote music for the play “Betsal Ha-pele” (the magic onion) for the Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth, directed by Orna Porat; Tsippi Fleischer created, together with librettist Ada Ben-Nahum and director Hanan Snir the musical “Alei Kinor” (upon a fiddle) (based on a story by Shalom Aleichem), and participated as the arranger and pianist in the popular educational television series “Music in the Theater,” under the guidance and musical direction of conductor Gary Bertini.

​From Tsippi Fleischer’s perspective, the path from theater to dance was natural: “The aspect of the visual and of movement in my musical works . . . [is as] two intertwined forces . . . “ During the years 1974-1976, Tsippi Fleischer served as the musical director of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (at the time the Inter-Collective Dance Company), and even wrote music for its ballet A Fistful of Life by choreographer Yonat Osman-Klar; in 1978 she composed Rattles, Baskets and Kindling for the Inbal Dance Theater with the choreography of Sara Levi-Tanai, with whom she worked at the that time intensively; in 1989, choreographer Anna Sokolow and play writer Philip Diskin wrote the dance-theater piece “Song of Machpella” to three of Fleischer’s works – Resuscitation, To the Fruits of My Land, 10 Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, and more.































The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company performs "A Fistful of Life" by choreographer Yonat Osman-Klar (1976)