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Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano

 For Clarinet, Viola and Piano, 1990 (publisher: IMI 1998)

In this work, Rachel Galinne took her first steps of departure from modernism  and began to approach tonality. The piece is constructed by sixths and thirds in various non-tonal combinations, and these intervals are decisive for the melodic and harmonic development as well. The first movement, which begins with a dark colored bass clarinet solo in the low register in moderate tempo and then moves faster, is written in sonata form. The second movement is slow and it is composed as a passacaglia. A set of chords, consisting of sixths and thirds are repeated in various transpositions enabling melodic development. A dark solo for bass clarinet ends the work.
Rachel Galinne wrote:  "The piece obviously does not contain any "new" elements of composing. My intention was not to write avant-garde music, but to write good music. I do not think that art should be judged primarily according to its degree of innovation, but first and foremost according to its quality or artistic value. It is clear to me that anything that is new today will be old tomorrow, but good art can survive".  
The Trio was first performed in Jerusalem in 1991 by "Trio Tel Aviv".
The work is included in the CD "Uneginotai Nenagen - And We Shall Sing my Songs of Praise", 1999
  • "And We Shall Sing my Songs of Praise- Uneginotai Nenagen" CD cover and contents (CD 1825)
  • Program of the concert in honor of the composer Rachel Galinne on the occasion of the transfer of her archive to the Music Department Archive at the National Library during which "Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano" was performed, 2011.