In the original archive, which was stored in Meir Noy's home in Tel Aviv, the Hebrew part of the collection was titled "The Hebrew Song Collection" and the Yiddish section was labelled "The Yiddish Song Collection". Both parts were transferred to the Music Department of the National Library in the early 1990's and arranged there following the same order set by Meir Noy.


Noy created a card catalogue of the collection that he used in his home.These cards still serve today for browsing the collection as well as for conducting research on Hebrew and Yiddish music. The cards of the Hebrew song collection have been scanned and are now accessible online. In addition, the collection is being thoroughly catalogued by the staff of the Library's Music Department.


Meir Noy prepared 4 or 5 cards for each song in the collection, thus creating a catalogue of Hebrew music.


The information on the cards includes -

Opening lyrics



Opening Notes: (3 or 4 bars)



Source: (what sub-collection the song appears in, abbreviation of the sub-collection name, page number, number of song)

Piano: (a "+" sign indicates that piano notes are included)

Canon: (a "+" sign indicates that the arrangement includes a canon with designation of the relevant voices , using the standard SATB system)

Choir: (whether an arrangement for choir is included, also noting the relevant voices)

Notes: (references to different versions of the song, different lyrics set to the melody, etc.)


Example of a catalogue card:


In addition, press clippings are often attached to the cards or inserted between them.

On the upper right corner of the cards one may find symbols of comparison between various versions of the same song. If they are in the same key and arrangement they are marked with (=). If they are slightly different they are marked with (=/).


The cards are arranged alphabetically according to the incipit, taking into consideration only the string of letters and not the individual words.


Written by Dr. Gila Flam, Director of the Music Department and Sound Archive