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Se'u Zimra (Sing Out)

"Sara Levi-Tanai (1910-2005) belonged to the generation
 that created the Golden Age of Hebrew song, along with her friends Yedidia Admon, Immanuel Amiran, David Zehavi, Matityahu Shalem, Mordechai Zeira and others. What distinguished Sara Levi-Tanai from her peers was that she was a poet-composer-choreographer. By virtue of this triple role, the works she produced were unique" (from the book jacket).

To mark six years since Levi-Tanai's passing, and 100 since her birth, musicologist Dr Avner Bahat has published a collection of her works entitled Seu Zimra (Sing Out). The songs are divided into sections determined by Levi-Tanai herself. The first four sections – Prayers, Song of Songs, Songs from Spain and Yemen, and New Hebrew Songs – cover the history of Hebrew literature and song, from biblical times until today, including poems she herself composed. The remaining three sections are Nature Songs, Comic Songs and Children's Songs.
In collecting these works, the editor made use of the National Library Music Department's Hebrew song collections, consulting the card catalogue and the Meir Noy collection, to which the new book has been added.​