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Esther Gamlielit (1919-2012)

Singer and artist Esther Gamlielit passed away on 17.10.2012, at the age of 93.

Esther Gamlielit was born in Cairo, Egypt on 13 March, 1919 as her family made its way from Yemen to Palestine. Her Hebrew birthday corresponded to the fast of Esther, hence her name. The family settled in Tel Aviv, first in the Neveh Tzedek neighborhood and later in the city's Kerem Hateimanim quarter. Esther's musical talent was in evidence from childhood. She sang and danced with ballerina Rina Nikova's dance studio and later performed with the Matateh Theater troupe. In the 1940s and 1950s she became one of the leading singers in the country, alongside fellow Yemenites Bracha Zfira and Shoshana Damari. Her hits included "Hatender Nosea", "B'Kerem Teiman" (set to music by Nahum Nardi).

The National Library's Music Department has several unique items by singer and artist Esther Gamilielit in its collections.  The links below are to the song "Yerucham", (lyrics Natan Alterman, music Esther Gamlielit), from the Meir Noy Hebrew Song Collection; recordings of the song "B'kerem Teiman" from the early 1950s and a rare performance of Kochav Acharon (lyrics Leah Goldberg, music Immanuel Amiran).