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A letter to Naomi Shemer from Devora Omer

​We bring you an interesting correspondence between the children's author Devora Omer, who passed away recently, and the poet and composer Naomi Shemer. The time: just before the Six-Day War, three days after the song Jerusalem of Gold was performed for the first time at the Song Festival. Among the many responses to the song that Shemer received was a letter from Devora Omer, then a reporter for Ha'Araetz Shelanu. As a representative of this paper, Omer asked Shemer if she would be the first person interviewed for a new column on singers and composers. "Let me open with the praise that you must receive all the time. A tremor went through me as I heard your song Jerusalem of Gold. It is one of the strongest and best songs I have ever heard and it made a powerful impression on me. Because of this, I have something to ask of you. I would very much like to open the new column with an article about you and your work. I believe you have many important and interesting things to say to the readers of Ha'Araetz Shelanu. Could we meet? When? Where? Please call me as soon as you can so that we can set a meeting. N.B. I believe you are familiar with the paper, but let me add all the same that it is the Ha'Aretz paper for children and youth."

We browsed through editions from the relevant dates in search of the aforementioned article. Though we did not find it, we did find Devora Omer's "Western Wall request".