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Poet and Songwriter Dudu Barak Releases a New Book


Songwriter and poet Dudu Barak releases a new book: Forgotten Gleaning: Ungathered Songs of Dudu Barak.
The elegant book has been released in a limited edition format, and as Barak explains, "is not commercial and is intended for public libraries, individuals in the field of communication who work with Hebrew song, relatives and friends". The book includes 60 unknown songs written by Barak, accompanied by lyrics and a melody, as well as comments by the author.



Composers include Moni Amarilio, Dubi Zeltzer, Shaike Paikov, Nurit Hirsh, Nahum Heiman, and others. Among the songs in the book: "Derech Ha'pninim Ha'kchulot", "Shemesh Chatzufa", "Mirkava La'yareach", "Yeled Chai Be'Yerushalayim", and more. This book joins the rest of Barak's works housed at the National Library's Music Department, alongside the plethora of books in the field of Hebrew song.