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Tension with Syria

​​In light of the renewed tension with Syria, we thought we would do our part in the national campaign. Since we are not among the decision makers and rocket launchers, and being fully aware that these things are not dependent on us in any way, we have decided to return to the past, and to present songs that remind us that that the tension on the border with Syria is nothing new. On the contrary, most of us remember a time when tension in the north was an everyday affair.

In any case, since Israel has always held that the best defense is a good offense-we will start with the musical warning that was broadcast from Israel to Damascus:

​​And just so we aren't accused of discriminating against the armored corps, we'll add the following song:

​Daughter, are you crying or laughing?

​Let's also remind the serene U.N. forces that they didn't come to our country just to catch a tan… 

​And last- how could we not?-let us end with a wish for peace-for even though it tarries, it will surely come. 

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Song of the Day
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