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Giuseppe Mustacchi


​Giuseppe Mustacchi was born in 1934 in Alexandria, Egypt, to parents of Italo-Greek descent. He grew up in this cosmopolitan city, a child of the Middle East who spoke Italian at home, heard Arabic on the streets and learned French at school. At the age of 17 he traveled to France, buoyed by dreams of a career in music. In honor of Georges Brassens, his idol at the time, Giuseppe changed his first name to Georges and his surname to Moustaki, which sounded more French. A singer, composer, lyricist and troubadour who sang in French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and English, he became renowned for writing accessible, yet emotionally intense songs. A long line of French and international singing stars – Edith Piaf, Barbara and others – performed Moustaki's songs. Later, he would perform them himself and achieve worldwide success. Hebrew adaptations of several of his songs have been performed by Israeli artists, including Yossi Banai and Yaffa Yarkoni. An Egyptian, Italo-Greek and International Jew, Georges Moustaki embodied the Mediterranean identity that evokes nostalgia in so many of us. 

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