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​The song of the day today comes in light of the recent news that millions of grasshoppers have landed in the Negev… and these are not even the descendants of the locusts who often visit our country.

As far as we know, there has not yet been a song written about locusts. However, there are songs that have been written about other scary (especially to children) insects.

For instance, the cockroach, also known as the "jook", appears on the stage and in Hebrew song. Indeed, here is a song about cockroaches from "Lights Out" a musical by Moshe Oren, directed by Yohanan Harson, performed in the "Bimat Hakibbutz Theatre" in 1983. Words: Moshe Oren. Composition: Naftali Wagner.

Nevertheless, the cockroach doesn't only appear in Hebrew song. The Mexican song, "La Cucaracha"-the cockroach-tells of a cockroach that loses his rear leg and can't walk, poor thing…

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