In the heat of the summer, at the height of summer vacation, we bring you the song "Come to Eilat". Whether you want to be reminded of the first days of Israel's southernmost city, or whether you are looking for a way to escape "the asphalt and the crumpled cities" to "the quiet lagoons" and "the capital of the sun", and choose Eilat specifically during the heat of July-August, this song is a reminder of the days when cities and towns were promoted by way of Hebrew songs. The song, "Come to Eilat", was written by Yaron London and composed by Nurit Hirsch in 1970 for a filmed advertisement promoting the settlement of Eilat.
Even though Eilat has changed quite a bit in the past 40 years, it is still a sought-after destination for those who are looking to escape for a few days from day-to-day life, in the spirit of the lyrics:
"And the blowing wind
Will distract us so that we do not think
About anything.
Close your eyes
We'll escape in seconds
To the water, to the coral gardens
Between blue and green".
Nowadays, the rendition of the song that is most well-known is that of singer Lior Yannai, with a hint of a South American arrangement, in the Bossa Nova style, arranged by Moshe Wilensky.  
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Song of the Day
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