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Eliyahu HaKohen

צילם זאב גלילי​Every year, on the eve of Israel's Independence Day, the Israel Prize is given out. Among the winners was Eliyahu HaKohen, scholar and indefatigable collector of Hebrew song for the past 50 years. Eliyahu HaKohen was given the prize for Lifetime Achievement in Hebrew song. In a piece that was broadcasted during the ceremony, the award winner displayed binders containing about 150 songs from the first Aliyah that he collected over the years. First and foremost among these songs was the song, "Hurry, Brothers, Hurry". Eliyahu HaKohen explained that originally the song was called "Fly, Brothers, Fly to the land of our fathers", and this was despite the fact that passenger airplanes had yet to be invented.
​The words to the song were composed in Jerusalem between the years 1882- 1883 by the writer, Yehiel Michael Pines. The words are an adaptation of a Russian military song. The original author of the text is unknown and the tune is a Russian folk-tune. Recordings of this song, as well as the sheet music can be found at the National Library.
Eliyahu HaKohen talking about the song "Hurry, Brothers, Hurry"- a segment from an interview with Meir Noy (start 3:40)
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