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Broadcast prohibited!

Broadcast prohibited!Songs, like newspaper articles, are subject to censorship. Censorship of songs played on the radio has a long and interesting past. Quite a few songs have been banned in the history of Israeli radio. Stickers proclaiming, "Broadcast prohibited!" adorn many magnetic reel canisters in the record libraries of the Voice of Israel and IDF Radio. Today it is often difficult to identify (or understand) why the censor disapproved of a particular song.

Here are three examples:

1. Nature Lovers (French melody)


2. Enemy, by Frank Peleg

Performed by Tirza Atar and the Armored Corps Band (1959) 

3. Jaffa, music Sandro Ferero, lyrics Moshe Kotler

Performed by Shishshon bar Noi

Broadcast prohibited! (Highlighted in yellow)


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