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Benny Amdursky

​In honor of the 82nd birthday of the singer, agent and producer, Benny Amdursky (the 29th of Av, 5691, 12.8.1931) we bring you a unique recording of his. In this recording, Amdursky performs the song "Kirya Yifefiyah" (Beautiful City) in a traditional Yemenite tune.
Benny Amdursky, one of the most prominent singers of Hebrew music, was born in Jerusalem to an old Jerusalem family. In the 50's he met another Jerusalem singer, Yisrael Gurion, and together they established "The Dudaim". Later, he took part in the establishment of other successful bands, such as "The Yarkon Bridge Trio" (with Arik Einstein and Yehoram Gaon), "The High Windows" (with Shmulik Kraus, Arik Einstein and Judy Katz) and "HaShlosharim" (with Shalom Hanoch and Chanan Yoval). Benny Amdursky was known for the warmth and range of his deep voice. Now, we bring you a rare performance of Amdursky's: the song "Kiryah Yifefiyah", a song of longing and yearning for his hometown Jerusalem. The song was written by the famous  16th century Yemenite traveler, Zechariah al Dahiri, who traveled from Yemen to India, Persia, Turkey and the Land of Israel and wrote a book about his travels in verse, called "Sefer HaMusar".
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