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Also an Argument

​"Also an Argument" performed by Benny Amdursky and Avraham Perara in 1958, is a conversation between two men-one married and the other a bachelor. The bachelor is sick of the bachelor life- eating in restaurants, never having a homemade meal, paying for housework and sitting alone at concerts. The married man, on the other hand, thinks that the grass is greener on the other side and yearns to be free of the monotony of marriage and the responsibilities that come with it.  They go back and forth together for a while until the bachelor suggests that they switch places for a night. Of course then, the married man, with all his complaints and problems, refuses to accept the proposal: "Indeed you are right that it is hard to live with a woman, but it is twice as hard to live without her…"
"Also an Argument"- words by Dan Almagor, tune by Naphtali Aharoni- is dedicated to the people of America who resolved that the institution of marriage also includes same-sex marriages.
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