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 About the Compilations

There are two ways of accessing, from the home page, the full range of musical materials of the National Sound Archives available for listening on the website:


·     Playlists – lists of recordings which allow the user to listen to a sequence of musical segments while browsing through the website.

·     Compilations – choice selections of recordings, designated for those wishing to delve deeper into the material and learn about the traditions or different performances of the music.

​The home page lists details of all the selections of recordings available on the website. New selections are added from time to time. Our goal is to open a window onto the rich and diverse treasures in our archives, in regard both to the wide range of cultures represented in the songs and to the varied performances of these works. The selections are prepared either by librarians well acquainted with the collection or by musicologists who research in the field.

The service is provided under a license from ACUM