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Novio quiero, la mi madre

 I want a groom, mother

​A song composed of 3 verses with 4 rhymes, of which the second and fourth lines rhyme. The lyrics relate a conversation between a daughter and mother: the daughter declares that she wants a groom and that she should wishes to marry the neighbor who lives across the way. The mother claims in the second verse that the neighbor is not worthy to be her groom since he is a thief who gambles and that on the day after the wedding he will leave her to die without any income. In the third verse the daughter replies that he won’t let her die without income and that one piece of bread a day will be enough for the two of them.

Song Lyrics

Novio quiero, la mi madre, 
novio quiero, mercader;
va a tomar al mi vicino
qui morimos be​raber

No quiero al mi vicino
que es ladrón y kumargí
a mañana en casada
ya te va dejar murir.

No me deja, la mi madre,
no me deja a mi morir,
ya me basta un pan al día 
para el y para mí.