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Esta noche, mis caballeros – Aliarda y el alabancioso

 Eliarde and the Boastful Lover

The Lover tells (or boasts) about the fact that he spent the night with the most beautiful girl he has met in his life.

This is a rare romance in the tradition of Spanish Jewry. It appears in the "Romancero" of Attias as the introduction to the romance of “Melicinda Coming Out of the Sea After Washing” in which a detailed description of the beauty of the girl is given. Apparently, according to the legend, this romansa was sung by Shabbetai Tzvi. Don Ramón Menéndez Pidal (1948) wrote an article on this subject. Armistad notes that it is possible that there is a connection between this song and the introduction that was transcribed ca. 1560.
There are only three versions of this song in Armistand's catalog, recorded between the years 1911- 1916, noted by Manrique de Lara 

Song lyrics


  m’adormí con una doncella Esta noche, mis caballeros
non topí otra como ella. que en los días de mis días
ni a más galana Ay non topí otra como ella
   y la subida de un vado y en la bajada de un río