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Morena a mí me llaman – La llamada a la morena

 They call me swarthy

​A number of songs are brought below that belong to the Spanish Cancionero, composed of verses of 4 lines (in general) in which the pairs rhyme. There is also sometimes a repeating chorus. In this way the audience could take part in the performance. The content is varied, though for the most part it is lyrical and also humorous. The first song of this type is also maybe the most well-known. In the lyrics:

They call me swarthy, but I was born white and I became tanned by the sun- just as in Song of Songs, which was a well-loved subject in Spain and the subject of music and folk art.  Further on in the lyrics, the swarthy one is invited by her courters and answers their calls. The song was sung at various events including weddings, accompanied by drums. The version below contains only three of the many verses that are known to belong to this song. Every verse has 4 lines and a repeating chorus.

Song Lyrics

Morena a mí me llaman
yo blanca nací:
el sol del enverano
ya me hizo ansí.
 Morenica y sabrosica y mavru matiamu.

Decilde a la morena
si quiere partir
la nave ya sta 'n vela,
si quiere venir.

Morenica me llaman
los del bashisten,
si otra vez me llaman
me vo con el.
Morenica y sabrosica y mavra matiamu