Makover, Judah (Gur Chassidic Tunes)
Collection of community melodies
10 boxes containing compositions
Selection online
Mus 116

Malkin, Joseph, 1879-1969
Cellist, music editor and arranger
1 box containing correspondence
Mus 013

Malve, Mathias, 1902-1979
Composer, pianist
Compositions, arrangements
Mus 236

Manor, Friedl (*)
1 box containing compositions
Selection online
Mus 165

Meyerbeer, Giacomo, 1791-1864
1 box containing correspondence
Mus 002

Milhaud, Darius, 1892-1974
1 box containing manuscript copy
Mus 062

Milies, Carlos Eduardo (*), 1949–
Composer, Conductor
3 boxes containing compositions, CV
Online catalogue
Mus 219

Millet, Josef, 1889-1947
Composer, Conductor
1 box containing compositions
Online catalogue
Mus 127

Minkowsky, Pinchas, 1859-1924
7 boxes containing compositions, correspondence
Mus 016

Miron, Issachar, 1920–
4 boxes containing compositions
Online catalogue
Mus 111

Moldawsky, Benzion, 1877-1945
Cantor, Composer
2 boxes containing compositions
Mus 042

Moreshet Hamusika BeYisrael (Z. Jochsberger), 1980th-1990th
Collections of documents and video clips for distribution of music of Jewish communities
17 boxes containing correspondence, compositions, pictures
Mus 137

Mozartiana, 1756-1791
1 box containing manuscripts of letters, scores and sketches
Printed catalogue
Mus 050

Muller-Hartmann, Robert, 1884-1950
2 boxes containing correspondence
Mus 109

Musica Hebraica, 1936-1940
Foundation for national school of jewish music
16 boxes containing correspondence, codex
Printed catalogue
Mus 033

(*) – personal archive from the "Histadrut Department of Culture and Education" archives.
Printed catalogue – list of all items according to units.
List – various handwritten or computerized lists that assist in using the collection.
Online catalogue – catalogue of compositions or accompanying material in the National Library Aleph catalogue.
The printed catalogue and the lists can be used in the Music Center.